Homelessness Facts

Homelessness is something that most of us feel only happens to other people. We can’t even fathom being homeless. But that’s not the case for all those around the world who are living the reality of being homeless. The homelessness facts and numbers are baffling and drastic measures need to be taken to fix the problem to the best of our abilities. It’s not something that will go away quickly, if ever at all. But we can’t just sit around and wait for someone else to take care of it. We need to use our resources and make political changes in order to help our fellow brothers and sisters around the world.
United States – In the United States, homelessness has increased since the nineteen seventies and continued to grow into the eighties as the economy dropped. Homelessness facts say that 672,000 people have experienced being homeless. Let’s break down those statistics: – 42% are actually living on the street without proper shelter – 58% live in shelters or other transitional types of housing – 63% are adults (without children) – 37% are in family units, including children
Brazil – The rate of homelessness is estimated to be twenty million people. These people find shelter in places such as under bridges, clandestine rooms, favelas, and others are said to be squatters.
UK – The UK has one of the highest levels of homeless people in Europe. It’s estimated that every fourth people out of one thousand are homeless. Homelessness facts have also shown that homeless people in the UK have a shorter lifespan than in other places around the world. As compared to living to their seventies, UK homeless live only into their forties. One out of four homeless people in the UK are ex-military. Another sad fact is that so many people in the UK don’t actually acknowledge that homelessness even exists in their country.
France – In France there are said to be one million homeless people and one hundred thousand of them are actually living out in the streets.
Somalia – In Somalia the number of homeless is extremely high. One million people are homeless in Somalia.
The statistics of homelessness facts are overwhelming. It’s hard to believe there are so many in the world living in such horrendous situations. Another thing many people don’t realize is that homeless people come in all shapes and sizes. Women and children make up a large part of the homeless population. It’s not the stereotypical old, single male sitting on the corner begging for change. And crimes are committed against these people everyday such as being physically and sexually abused.
We can’t continue to watch as people around the entire world continue to suffer. Keep abreast of news about homelessness and think to yourself if there is anything that you can do to help those less fortunate then yourself because the world does care do you?

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